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Infernal Desire Machine

@ grim.reflections

Ritual Theatre

The Vision


We are the Infernal Desire Machine.

Traditional Shibari with a Punk Aesthetic.

An explosive, erotic engine;
anarchic interrogations of
Myth & Power, Flesh & Desire.

A wild & wyrd fusion of forms:
sex magick, BDSM, dance, burlesque & performance art.

Visceral Invocations of
Romance & magic
ordeal & catharsis,
chaos & order.

Come, Witness. 

The Founders


Sai Jaiden Lillith is a Melbourne based gender fluid prodom/me, escort, activist, educator,
creator of visual erotica, artist, Shibari addict & vocalist in ZCluster.
Known for their gorgeous & creative rope work & performances,
love of exploring taboo & transgression, Sai has taught workshops at Sexpo, OzKinkFest,
sex worker groups & trained numerous private students.

​Eve X is a Sham
anatrix, Bizarrlady & flesh artist based in Melbourne.
An erotic guide, pornographer & activist,
Eve integrates esoteric arts into experiences of ecstasy & ordeal.
A polyamorous, pansexual, genderfluid switch,
Eve is fascinated by power, desire & shame, & the hidden wisdoms of the body.
Eve is a dancer, burlesque performer & aerialist with a history of chronic illness & disability;
this experience is integrated into both the physicality & meaning of our performances.

The Company


Eve X & Sai Jaiden Lillith have performed together since 2019. 

2022 was a remarkable year - monthly performances, deeper & wilder rituals,
the clarification of our vision, & the early glimmerings of larger, more elaborate projects.

We welcome invitations to
We also welcome sponsorship, to enable the br
eadth of our creative dreams.

Our Patreon will be launching in August
 of 2023,
containing past & new visuals & t

We regularly perform in Melbourne & Sydney,
& plan to visit other major Australian cities in 2023.

We also teach workshops on various aspects of sexuality,
including shibari, sex magick & kink.

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Events | Contact


29.02.24 | Voyeur Mardi Gras
The Burdekin Hotel | Sydney


07.03.24 | Shibari Salon
Hail Lilith | Melbourne

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